Welcome to the world Josephine!

A sweet new baby girl! I was beyond thrilled to hear that news that Josephine was born, and even more delighted to photograph her. Big brother Cole was really excited and wanted to hold her the entire time! At one point during the session, Josephine gently held Coles face, and started kissing (sucking) on his cheek and it was the sweetest moment. Alison and Bryan are truly wonderful parents, and I am glad they are now a family of 4 (5 if you include their adorable dog!) I am honored to photograph the journey of Josephines first year with more sessions at 6 months and 1 year!

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Newborn::Karp Twin Boys

I have been lucky to photograph the lovely Karp family for years (started with the Faces of Louisville, maternity photos, Lilas newborn session and now these little twin boys!) This is why I truly love what I do, the genuine relationships I create, I cherish them. Josh and Melanie are such wonderful people, parents, and a part of the Louisville community. Thank you for trusting me to capture another chapter in your life story. Wyatt and Hayes are two very special, very loved boys.

IMG-1062 IMG-1064 IMG-1004bw IMG-1032 IMG-1036 IMG-1043 IMG-1045 IMG-1052 IMG-1053 IMG-1055bw IMG-1056

Rachel & Chris::Engaged

Oh my, such a stunning engagement session with these two. A gorgeous couple, a beautiful summer night, the mountains, a truck, dogs, and the smell of fresh cut hay. All of these elements and more came together and I could not have asked for anything better. I am beyond honored to capture their wedding at this same location next June, and I cannot wait. Chris and Rachel are totally in love and they have ‘it’. You know what I mean when I say ‘it’, the couple you see on the dance floor and think, they have ‘it’. The love everyone hopes to find; full of beauty, adventure, laughter, truth, depth, romance, and the type of love you cannot stand to spend a day without the other person. Thats what these two have. It.

IMG-1017 IMG-1021 IMG-1033 IMG-1037 IMG-1040 IMG-1041 IMG-1051 IMG-1056 IMG-1057 IMG-1059 IMG-1061 IMG-1062 IMG-1069 IMG-1076 IMG-1080 IMG-1082 IMG-1102 IMG-1103 IMG-1115 IMG-1122 IMG-1126 IMG-1133 IMG-1134 IMG-1141 IMG-1145 IMG-1147 IMG-1000 IMG-1007 IMG-1015 IMG-1035 IMG-1084 IMG-1123

Brie::Senior Session

Brie kicked off our 2016 seniors a week ago. And no kidding, I think it was the first night that was perfect in weeks (no rain, yeah!) Her style is fun, relaxed, and she is a free spirit. All of these equal a beautiful session with an exceptional young lady. I loved that she has a genuine smile and laugh, and was willing to do a few crazy things and go along with my ideas. My goal with each senior is to create a session tailored to them. I enjoy scouting out new locations, and for Brie, we did her last photos in front of a mural. I’ve actually had that location in my back pocket for a few years, and I was waiting for the right person, and Brie was just that person. Thank you Brie for such a fun evening photographing you!

IMG-1022 IMG-1000 IMG-1012 IMG-1016 IMG-1039 IMG-1054 IMG-1079 IMG-1084A IMG-1085 IMG-1090 IMG-1091 IMG-1106 IMG-1114 IMG-1101 IMG-1116 IMG-1128 IMG-1141 IMG-1144 IMG-1146 IMG-1165 IMG-1184 IMG-1192 IMG-1191

Jenae & Jay::Elopement

A year ago, I put on my hiking boots and climbed Hoosier Pass (elevation 11,539) to photograph Jay and Jenaes elopement. It was incredible. Truly. Nothing I have ever done before in my lifetime of photographing weddings. Jay and Jenae rented a beautiful secluded cabin, got ready separately, and then saw one another for the first time on top of the mountain. It was breathtaking (literally) and I am truly honored I was able to photograph this for them. Happy Anniversary to one the best couples out there.

IMG-1000 IMG-1015 IMG-1019 IMG-1021 IMG-1025 IMG-1028 IMG-1031 IMG-1041 IMG-1044 IMG-1046 IMG-1051 IMG-1055 IMG-1058 IMG-1058a IMG-1059 IMG-1060 IMG-1061 IMG-1068 IMG-1070 IMG-1075 IMG-1079 IMG-1082 IMG-1096 IMG-1101 IMG-1103 IMG-1108 IMG-1132 IMG-1148


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