Geoff & Ashley::Engaged

What a delight to photograph Geoff and Ashley. We shot in downtown Denver at some fantastic locations, and I am in love with their photos! Lately,the weather in Colorado has been a tad unpredictable, and on their photo day, it was rainy and a tad chilly (but better than the following day when it snowed on Mothers Day!) but that did not hold us back! And Ashley rocked dresses and sleeveless shirts! In a way, I am thankful, because it meant we created unique images at gorgeous inside locations (and a few outside as well!) Geoff and Ashley, you are the definition of a classy couple, and I appreciate the effort & planning you put into your session. I simply cannot wait for your June wedding!

Scouting Locations with Stella & Oliver

One of the reasons I love my job is the constant change. I enjoying shooting at new locations, therefore I am always looking, finding new secret spots. I want to create unique locations for my clients and simply, bring them the best. Photography means, ‘to paint with light’ and that is a huge part of my job. To create light, to find the right light and to make it glow. I scouted this spot a few days ago and who better to test it on then my own kiddos! We were actually having kind of a tough day, and thats when I said lets go outside. I put a dress on Stella and grabbed a nice shirt for Oliver (which he refused to put on at first) got out the bikes and rode to this spot. Did I have to bribe with them with suckers? Yep. And when we got there it was perfect light. I convinced Oliver to try on his nice shirt and then we started shooting. Stella was all over it, Oliver, not so much in the beginning. Like all photo sessions, we warm up a bit, we play, talk and most important, let the kids be themselves. Then the magic starts to happen…Stella and Oliver hugged one another. Then Oliver picks flowers for me. And Stella takes a moment to smell the flowers. These moments melt my heart. Now, you might be thinking, these are great because they are HER kids. Well, let me tell ya (and other photographers would agree) shooting your own children is tricky. They are still kids, they also act like little stinkers and get away with more. But I am also here to tell you, this is my job and I am always up for a chanllenge and I’m good at it. We play, we have fun, and we capture the moments in photo sessions. Because, I know when I look back at these photos, I will cherish them. They don’t stay little forever.

Mothers Day Special!

Lets be honest, when it comes to Mothers Day, it can be hard to think of a gift idea. Try something new this year-give Mom a photo session. Not only that, but a gallery canvas and bonus of 5 digital files (to share on social media and with printing rights) She will cherish this for years to come. This is a full photo shoot (not a mini one) which means we will do many combinations, and take our time creating stunning photographs. The location is up to you: our studio, your home, outdoor location or lets come up with a creative idea. We are always scouting locations for the best backdrops! Contact the studio today, and we will send out a custom gift certificate.

Boulder Backyard Wedding::Bridgette & Dave

Its a cold winter day as I type this, and looking at these warm dreamy summer photos makes me very anxious for warmer weather to arrive! Bridgette and Dave went above and beyond to create a truly one of a kind wedding with amazing details (everything you see they crafted, really they did!) Their wedding was also held in their own backyard, which made it intimate. They wanted the day to be fun for evereyone, including all the kiddos. They had games, hula hoops, a craft area, fun drinks and more. For food, they had an amazing food truck paired with custom drinks. It was delightful to say the least. Their property backs to a couple of farms, and everyone also enjoyed the horses and the views. I also love that they included Ayla, Brigettes daughter during the ceremony and throughout the day. They succeeded in creating a day that everyone loved being a part of to celebrate their marriage!

Engagement Session::Maggie & Reece

Maggie and Reece…where do I even begin? I was thrilled when they contacted me to photograph their December wedding (I photographed her brothers wedding a few years back) When we talked about their engagement session, I knew I wanted to do something special. I LOVE to scout new locations as a photographer and I found my DREAM spot-Shannon Red Barn Farm. Its 5 minutes away from our studio in Louisville and its magical, especially this time of year. Spring has final arrived in Colorado (as I type this it sounds like the house could blow away) but regardless, its green, flowers are in full bloom, and the trees are just stunning. Pair this with historic barns and mountain views and that pretty sets up a perfect location. I wanted to also say thank you to Carol and Bob, owners of Shannon Red Barn Farm. They are a lovely couple who have a property they are proud of, and it shows.

Maggie and Reece, I think I could have photographed you all day! You are madly in love and truly passionate for one another. You clearly have a deep romantic love, and I was honored to capture it. Maggie, your smile lights up the world and you are beautiful on the inside and out. Reece, you are a true gentleman and you adore your fiancé. I simply cannot WAIT for your wedding!