Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding::Estes Park

This wedding was truly incredible for a variety of reasons. First, this was immediately following the floods that devastated Estes, Boulder and surrounding areas. I honestly thought the wedding would not happen because of this. However, Della Terra is situated higher, and the venue was fine. Getting there, however was crazy. We had to have proof of our contracts, military checkpoints, and gravel  back roads for about 4 hours of drive time. I remember driving and having the devastation of the flood hit me first hand. My heart ached for everyone affected.  We made it and the day was GORGEOUS, your typical September Fall day in Estes. We were thankful to be there and to document the day. I think I could actually take a breath once we arrived, I was a bit worried about making it (even though we arrived over an hour early…)


I met with Christopher and Elizabeth once, they are extremely busy and live out of state. Regardless of this, I have to say I under estimated their love. I know this sounds strange, but I was actually blown away and moved to tears by them. How they looked at one another, held hands, the emotions, it was different than other weddings. You could feel the depth of their relationship. My goal when I photograph a wedding is to capture this, and I know we did. Della Terra is hands down, one of my favorite venues to photograph at. When they built it, they really thought about all design aspects and this makes a huge difference photographically. I also take into consideration the excellent staff who make the day run smooth.


We  were lucky to work with a team of excellent vendors including:

Seize the Day Event Planners
Carolyn Carpenter, Sunflower Weddings (officiated ceremony)
European Floral
Kim & Jakes Cakes
Della Terra Staff (incredible!)


Vail Wedding::Brad & Liz

Happy New Year! To kick off 2014, we wanted to post one of our favorite weddings from this past year. Brad and Liz were married in Vail, and the wedding was truly incredible. Heart-felt, gorgeous details, and the day worked out perfectly. We worked with wonderful vendors, including Calluna Events. Heather and her team worked very hard to make Liz and Brad’s wedding run smooth, and it did. I am always impressed by Calluna!


What I loved most about their day: there was not a dry eye in sight when Liz came down the aisle, escorted by a bagpiper. It was incredibly emotional, and at one point, I had a hard time focusing my camera. It took everyones breath away. Their ceremony took place on top of Vail Mountain, and it was touch and go with storms literally swirling around us. You could feel the electricity in the air, it was awesome and perfect. I will never forget it.


I received a wonderful email from Liz and Brad, and this is what they had to say: “We chose ELC Photography after seeing Erin’s work first hand with two of our friends’ weddings, and even then, she surpassed our expectations. Erin is an excellent communicator, has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and maintains the highest level of professionalism. She is caring, creative, detail oriented, organized and attentive. Erin captured creative, artistic and romantic shots, and photographs that are beautiful simply as pieces of art. The images by ELC Photography truly captured the beautiful setting, along with the excitement and romance of our wedding day.”





Halloween Open House! Saturday, October 26th!

ELC Photography {hearts} Halloween! We can’t wait to catch up with our clients, and of course, see the super cute kiddos!



We are excited to continue the tradition for our annual Halloween Open House! ONE day only-Saturday, October 26th from 9am-1pm.


Location: ELC Photography Studio   844 Main Street, Ste 104, Louisville.


We treat this event as a ‘thank you’ to our past and current clients. Due to its popularity, we cannot open this to the public at this time. The photo shoot is free, and you can choose to purchase prints/disc of images. The style is ‘open house’ so first come, first serve. We can’t wait to see you! Please contact me with any questions.

Its been a busy summer!

Hi ELC Photo Fans-


I am sure if you check the blog you must think to yourself, “Does she ever update this thing? Is Erin even doing photography anymore?” And the answer is: YES!!! We have been incredibly busy which we are very thankful for. We love photographing fun high school seniors, families, beautiful glowing-mama’s-to-be, tiny newborn babies, kiddos, head shots and of course, weddings. Below are just a few photos, many more blog posts to come. If you really want to stay up to date: click the FB icon link and please ‘like’ ELC Photography. And as always, please reach out to us for any of your upcoming photo shoots! We can’t wait to connect with you.


 While you are here, check out a little video about yours truly in action. A little insight on how we operate durings weddings. Its great, I promise……please watch and then share with anyone you know getting married. Keep in mind we travel all over US and beyond!











Faces of Louisville Opening!

Well, it only took 5 years and 2 kids later to complete the next installment of The Faces of Louisville! I am thrilled to unveil the next series this Thursday, April 4th 2013. Please join me from 5pm-8pm at the Louisville Library. If you are not able to attend the opening, they will grace the walls of the library for a month, then move onto Bittersweet Coffee Shop and then Sweet Cow. They will cruise around town for a bit!


Faces is a personal project, that highlights the great people within our community. People you may see everyday, or once a year. It could be the kindergarten teacher who has taught for over 28 years.  All walks of life, from the fun loving Italian Society to Bob, the dog you see around town with dread locks. I’ve been moved to tears this time with some of the people I’ve met and the stories they have told me. It has been amazing.  I did more reseach this series, sought feedback from the coummunity and relied on other amazing people to help me out. I love everyone I’ve met through this project. I will be honest, I had this fear about completing the next series because I didn’t think it would be good enough. The first series was epic, with people such as John Breaux to Chuck Sisk.  But I moved on from that, and realized the first series will always hold a special place in my heart.  With that being said, its here, and I am proud. Come see these Faces, hear a bit more about them, and possibly even meet some of these great characters at the opening. And lets get to know each other within our fine community a bit more. Reach out, say hi, stop and talk, ask questions. There are numerous reasons why our coummunity is amazing, but a huge one is because of the people, because of the Faces Of Louisville.

The above link will direct you to the story the Daily Camera did for the project, oh, and a fun video : )