Brie::Senior Session

Brie kicked off our 2016 seniors a week ago. And no kidding, I think it was the first night that was perfect in weeks (no rain, yeah!) Her style is fun, relaxed, and she is a free spirit. All of these equal a beautiful session with an exceptional young lady. I loved that she has a genuine smile and laugh, and was willing to do a few crazy things and go along with my ideas. My goal with each senior is to create a session tailored to them. I enjoy scouting out new locations, and for Brie, we did her last photos in front of a mural. I’ve actually had that location in my back pocket for a few years, and I was waiting for the right person, and Brie was just that person. Thank you Brie for such a fun evening photographing you!

IMG-1022 IMG-1000 IMG-1012 IMG-1016 IMG-1039 IMG-1054 IMG-1079 IMG-1084A IMG-1085 IMG-1090 IMG-1091 IMG-1106 IMG-1114 IMG-1101 IMG-1116 IMG-1128 IMG-1141 IMG-1144 IMG-1146 IMG-1165 IMG-1184 IMG-1192 IMG-1191

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